Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 hours

I've been awake and busy at the studio all day today. The whole week I was dying to be here and to put together my very first piece! Paper, gel, more gel, copper paint, sticks, bark... 7 hours. I've been doing it for 7 hours with no breaks. Amazing considering the fact that my attention span doesn't go beyond  10 minutes. 7 most amazing hours. I have glue in my hair. My fingers are covered with a lot of color. My face hurts from smiling. In my head I hear the sound of Here Comes The Sun and it's not going away. My heart is pounding and I'm breathing like I just run 5 miles. It's done. My very first Tree is done. "My Soul is Resilient". Do I remember writing it? The whole 7 hours seems like a blur. I look down, there on the table lays my first piece of mixed-media art. I did it. I don't remember doing it but I did it. Is it possible that I was so into creating it that I went to another dimension in my brain? Wherever I was had to be an awesome place.  I walk away. I breath. In and out... In and out... I come back. I can feel the breeze going through the branches, smell the wind. My first Tree is alive.

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