Thursday, September 27, 2012


Lately I have a thing for keys. Random. Just like most of my thoughts. There is something changing in me. I feel like I am slowly unlocking a very bright and colorful room in my heart. Room that has been closed for many years, maybe even my whole life. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and every time I feel this pull or push I stop breathing, I listen. I try to hear what it is that my heart is saying but there is silence. I am not ready to hear the whisper. Wherever I go I keep noticing pictures of keys, painting of keys, I even bought a few metal keys you would normally use in some crafty way. They have ribbons on them. Something is calling me. There is a lock somewhere within my heart and I know these keys are the ones that will open it. I just have this overwhelming feeling. It’s coming. The whisper will get louder and I will hear. And this time I will follow it. I will persevere. 

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