Friday, October 5, 2012

It's the little things....

My love languages are touch and gifts. I love being close to people. Yup I am that person that always hugs everyone, grabs people hands, and can’t stand more than 2 feet apart from others. I know all about personal space I just choose not to pay attention to that rule. I believe that a simple hug can change someone’s day. I totally love this idea and this video. I’ve seen it million times and I still cry every time I watch it!

My love languages are touch and gifts. I love gifting people. Even if it’s a simple card. It makes me feel whole. It makes me feel happy. I always ‘see’ things that I could give to someone. I have trouble receiving gifts and that’s something I need to start working on.
I’m surrounded by so many loving and carrying people. I have trouble asking for anything. Asking for help. And all those people are here for me. They all know when I need them. They gift me with care. I just love the little things they do for me. They all seem so huge to me and I can never thank them enough.

Sharing the acts of love and kindness from my friends!

Note from my sweet friend Emily. Oh how much I love her!

Beautiful flowers from my friends Stephanie and John
with a message letting me know they are there for me... always.

Cross from my friend Mel who encouraged me through the toughest
test in my life  Getting citizenship was not a piece of cake :)

A quote Emily left on my desk not too long ago. So sweet!

My friend John gave me those magnets. He comes to my cubie from time to time
and creates interesting patterns that I keep admiring daily. I LOVE MAGNETS!!!

Take a moment and think of all the acts of kindness you've received from your friends. Life is full of those!


  1. this is a fabulous post ... reminds me to stop and be grateful for all the love and kindness in our lives ... and to continue to pay it forward. :)

  2. All the hair on my arms are reaching out for those hugs! Awesome post - thank you Monika!

  3. Thanks Monika that video is made in my home city of Sydney, so lit was ovely to see you share it here. Hugs to you!!! :)