Thursday, October 11, 2012

You deserve it!

You deserve it! These are three words that my blog guests Jenn wrote under one of my posts. She was referring to my studio, space I adore and want to be in every minute of my time. I read the whole comment a few times but it was those three words that got me thinking all day. Every time I replayed them in my mind a small doze of shame twisted my heart. You don’t deserve it screamed that sqeeky fearful voice in my head. You deserve it and see how much you’ve done there whispered my soul. There are so many voices inside of me!
Our whole lives we are being rewarded or punished by others depending on what they think we deserve. We deserve a good raise, we don’t deserve that grade… and it goes on and on through our existence. One random person making that decision for us can make us or break us forever. I’ve been made and I’ve been broken. I made others and I broke others.
Today is a very significant day. Today I realized that I need to decide that I am a deserving individual. I deserve it! I deserve the studio of my dreams, I deserve the husband of my dreams (got really lucky here), I deserve friends that love me and care for me, I deserve to hear that I’ve done something right and I deserve to be proud of myself. Only I know where I’ve came from and what I’ve done to be here. Here is the place where I deserve to be!


  1. Yes you do! Believe it's true! Your you and there's only one of you. What a very honest post and very soulful . Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Whoot! Amen to all of it sister! I agree. It took me 1/2 a lifetime to realize that I don't need outsiders to determine what I deserve. I DO! It's transforming, and it's the kind of attitude and belief the makes magical things happen. Go you! Yay you!!

  3. Isn't it a great thing when you can write those words and really believe them. I am there with you. Allowing space for "you" in your life lets those old dreams and hopes resurface and that feels so good. Carry on. June Maddox